0r9 .org
“Organization ((unofficial)) of the disorganized.
Don't ask! We can't find it.”

Welcome to “The Store”
- the official shop of the disorganized.

Congratulations you found it!

A small corner of the internet where you can possibly find everything* ((or maybe not)).

In my shop I have T-Shirts, Sweaters, Coffee Cups, Geek Toys, Bumper Stickers, Bags, Badges, Hats, Caps, Scarves, Umbrellas, Aprons, Thing for your pet dog, Stuff for your kids, Something for Him, Something for Her, Something for IT, iPhone warmers, Used Beards, left over food from a really bad vietnamese restaurant.

So in the mean time just feel free to browse my extensive selection of quality produce, I am sure you will find something that you would like for yourself or a significant other.

* Except that single sock you misplaced last week, actually at the moment I just have a single white t-shirt, I am not really that organized. Oh and if you are looking for your car keys, NOPE! I haven't got them.

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